img_20160729_123711Monique has been involved in various movement disciplines since the age of four. In her early years she trained in Ballet, Tap and Jazz dance. She went on to complete a diploma in performing arts, during which she studied contemporary  and cultural dance with Whitireia performing arts in New Zealand. She teaches Yoga, Franklin Method and Movement workshops which combine her various movement training disciplines and her experience from personal practise. She is also an avid social tango dancer and teaches bodywork for tango dancers.

She draws inspiration from her personal practise and from working in Scaravelli-inspired yoga classes, Franklin method training and other somatic movement practises.

Monique is a keen researcher of ‘bodymind’ and she believes that a deeper functional and anatomical understanding of the body enables us to work intelligently and safely.

As a teacher, her aim is to provide a safe environment, within a group setting or in private sessions, where you are able to benefit from guided self-exploration and discovery. Her hope is that the sessions will deepen your awareness of your body and your understanding of its function. This awareness can be applied to everyday movement and can be explored within other movement disciplines.

What to expect in a regular class:

Yoga and Franklin Method (FM) classes vary depending on the focus of the day. They are always balanced sessions that are developed to guide you towards a deeper awareness and understanding of your body and its function. The intention is for your body to more easily retain its current mobility, develop its fluidity and motion and release tension, all leading to a healthier you!

The Yoga and FM sessions are not only physically beneficial, within the physical practise we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves through mindful observation.

Classes are suitable for beginners.

The sessions are an opportunity to explore and have fun in your body!



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